Inspired by products and the people behind them

Kelsey from Saskatoon tells us why she always wants Petzl on her climbing trips, and Louis shares about Patagonia and one of his role models. Both store employees are now spending a few days in Squamish with the OnwardUp team at the summer dealer camp, getting some more hands-on experience with their favourite brands in the great outdoors.


On a recent rock-climbing trip with the ACC Saskatchewan section I had the opportunity to use my new ange finesse quick draws. Initially purchased more as a gift for my boyfriend because I had little desire to lead climb. Things however changed after completing a women’s guided trip where we spent time working on leading skills. Not being the strongest climber, and being terrified of heights I found that the Ange carabiner was easy to clip, and wearing multiple quick draws I never felt over weighed with equipment.

In a previous experience with a non- key lock nose quick draw, I accidentally  clipped it wrong, panicked I tried to unclip it to switch but the nose kept getting caught on the bolt. This made me extremely nervous and uncomfortable, luckily it was only a mock lead. I always found that I never had an issue clipping and unclipping the ange quick draws, which allowed me to focus on my next move.

This piece of equipment was involved in the completion of my first lead climb. These now belong in my climbing bag!

– Kelsey


Patagonia has definitely inspired me in a lot of ways in my everyday life. First of all by showing me the beauty and the purity of climbing which I’ve fallen in love with and do for most of my spare time now. Secondly, Yvon Chouinard, through his book ”Let my People Go Surfing” really showed me an example to follow and get inspired from by adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Personally, I now see Yvon as a model to follow because he’s been able to stay true to himself and his believes even after becoming a millionaire who owns the second biggest outerwear company.

What I think is the most impressive is that even if he already gotten the trust of thousands of people, he’s still dedicated to find a way to reduce the impact of his company on the environment. Having studied in Industrial Design myself, I do know the importance of creating product that your customer trusts so they will come back in the the store in search of your logo.

So for me, Patagonia is not only clothing that I wear, it’s a choice that I make to be part of those who care about the planet!

– Louis


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