Multipitch ‘Seconds’ Pack

Erin and I have recently moved to the coastal Mecca of Squamish, British Columbia. With that have come some excellent opportunities, one of which is the ample multi pitch rock stone and climbing there on, one of our favorite past times. The center of said activity out here is no doubt, ‘the Chief’ – We have already managed to get a couple routes done on or around this granitic sentinel since arriving and are looking forward to many more. For most multi-pitch endeavors, a “seconds pack’ is a choice commodity, here is what we have been taking lately on our outings..

Patagonia Houdini Jacket, M’s Capilene 4 Hoody, W’s Wool 4 Hoody (hoods are great for warmth under the helmet!), Oboz Lightnings (fast and light!), Hand Tape, First aid, Cell phone, sunscreen, Tikka XP headlamp, 1 L of Water.

All of this fits into the Petzl “BUG” pack. It even has an ingenious guidebook pocket on the inner back panel which allows access to the book while not opening the main compartment. A small internal packet holds a headlamp, phone, tape, keys, etc. The things that may vary depending on route selection would be shoes (some routes you can rappel), First aid kit (full blown or just hand tape) and lunch. I like a good compact lunch of Almonds, bars and dried fruit – Usually a chocolate to celebrate potential success. 

The packed BUG ready to go!

One good strategy for saving weight it to take some photos of the guidebook, saving some serious weight. I usually use my phone which then can also double as an emergency device or more likely, a sure fire way to get a spot at the Brew Pub on Friday night: Um, we will be there in 30 min – Can you reserve the couches for us and have a pitcher of Devils Elbow IPA ready?

Happy climbing all!


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