Online vs Brick n’ Mortar: some thoughts.

Here is a small SNEWS article on a very dynamic topic in the world of retail:


How to compete with online?
Service, convenience, and customer experience. Invest in your staff and make them experts.
Online has a large advantage when it comes to selection, price, and, in many cases, convenience. With these changing times the traditional brick and mortar store has a lot of opportunity but change and action are key.

I can only assume there are other people like me and when I go looking to buy something of value I want to chat with an expert sales person and have them tell me about the best option for my budget. I will certainly pay more if I can be “sold” on the reasons why something is higher quality. I don’t trust online reviews. I read them but I have seen too many bogus reviews on products that I know well. Some things I absolutely love will get bad reviews and the opposite is also true. Too many amateurs with an opportunity to spray their opinion. I’d much rather someone tell me face to face why something is worth the price.  On that note when I am looking for the ‘hard to find’ replacement battery for my phone or a new computer, and no one in my town sells them, online is a great time saver and option.



and….just to prevent the boredom of business talk and make sure you don’t stop following our blog because of it…a photo of my wife Marion on a local multi-pitch rock climb last fall.


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