Rock solid with Petzl

Marie from Calgary shares a memory and the reason she needs to trust her equipment:

petzl_grigri_2_newWhen I was new to climbing, I was dropped at a summer camp by a camp counselor belayer who had next to no experience. The next girl who went up the wall left camp in an ambulance after the belayer dropped her from 30 feet. I was unharmed but shaken, and went from a fearless wall monkey to utterly petrified of letting go of the wall overnight. I’d get to the top of a wall and freeze, terrified to let go and put my trust in the gear and my belayer.

That was over 10 years ago, and I’ve slowly gotten back into rock climbing, though the fear is never far at this point. Knowing I’ve got solid Petzl gear with me really helps—the gris gris is definitely my favourite piece for it’s practically idiot-proof-ness. Last summer I went climbing outside for the first time with ropes & belay gear from Petzl, and while I was still apprehensive, it really helped knowing my gear was 100% solid.


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