Trust equals courage!

Hannah from True Outdoors in Kamloops, BC is another Rock Camp participant who feels safest with Petzl in her pack:

HannahPetzl has been a huge part of my participation in the outdoors, particularly in making me feel safe enough to go rock climbing outside. First of all, my helmet (elios) and harness (luna) do a tremendous job of making me feel secure, both while I’m climbing and while belaying. The helmet was incredibly helpful my first time out on ice! Despite these pieces of equipment being extremely important contributors to my climbing outside, I have to say that Petzl Spirit quickdraws were instrumental in expanding my outdoor climbing horizon.

Hannah2My worst fear is falling. I used to never believe that I would feel comfortable doing anything but top-roping. However, last year I took an outdoors climbing course, where I lead my fir st climb (pictures attached) and was forced, for the first time, to trust two carabiners and a piece of webbing, expertly constructed into a Spirit quickdraw at every bolt. I made it to the top (partly due to the death grip caused by my fear, I’m sure)!

Thanks to Petzl, I have been able build my courage and continue my outdoors climbing adventures!


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