Yamnuska Breakfast.

Rob and I had a great ‘executive breakfast’ up on Yamnuska yesterday morning. Leaving Canmore in the post-dawn minutes, we ascended the foot path in the cool of the morning and got to the base as the sun was just reaching the wall. We climbed the route ‘Another Fat Bastard’, a ‘modern’ 5.10c mixed gear/bolted route by Andy Genereux and one neither Rob or I had done. Some fun climbing interspersed by some scaly/chossy rock here and there made for a nice outing, if there were 10 or so more bolts you could do the route with a set of draws. As it stands now you need about 4 pieces from .5 to 3″ and a half set of stoppers. 12 draws including 6 extendo’s is plenty. No day of Yam climbing is complete, we discovered without a stop at the Exshaw General store for Bison Burgers, fresh fries and coke in a bottle.


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